ecofriendly wood rings

It all starts in the forest. Our ecofriendly wood rings are created with organic materials that are hand-collected from the forest floor and 100% recycled metals.  

Each ring is made for you, by hand.


Naturaleza Wood Rings are a lasting symbol of your commitment to each other and to the planet.

100% recycled metals

sustainably collected natural materials

marlon's hand holding coyol seeds ometepe nicaragua

Naturaleza Organic Jewelry features ecofriendly wood wedding rings, engagement rings and commitment rings with accents in recycled sterling silver and gold. Handmade with the highest quality materials and a unique process, our wooden rings are designed to last a lifetime.

hands with wood wedding rings
rose gold wood ring
solsticio gold wood ring set
recycled sterling silver wood wedding bands set
yellow gold wood rings
bourbon barrel wood ring