Naturaleza Organic Jewelry offers a unique collection of woods, all sustainably collected and sourced in Nicaragua and Kentucky or reclaimed after they served another purpose. Marlon has explored and experimented with many types of woods, all collected in small quantities. We do not use woods that are endangered or from unsustainable sources. Typically we source wood from our family farm in Central Nicaragua. The metals we use are 100% recycled.

We also offer recycled white oak bourbon barrel wood from authentic Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. Repurposed after the bourbon aging process, the bourbon barrel wood is a beautiful golden bourbon color with distinct grain.

Do you have a piece of wood that is special to you? We are also happy to work with wood that you provide.


Coyol Palm Seed

acrocomia aculeata

Coyol seed is a unique material that we collect ourselves in Nicaragua. It was the first material we used for creating our wood rings. We love its incredible durability and sleek black color.

Nacascolo Wood

caeselpina coriaria

Nacascolo is a coffee-brown hardwood with fine grain.  The species is native to the Carribean and Central and South America. Nacascolo is one of the largest hardwood trees in Nicaragua, and is found more commonly on the Atlantic Coast.